Teknion Toronto Showroom

WELL Silver

The new Teknion showroom is located downtown Toronto; located on the 10th floor within a base building which received a LEED Core & Shell Gold certificationa under the Canada Green Building Council.

The showroom space was designed to meet Teknion's primary commitment to create a safe and healthy work place for their sales staff and showcase their products. The space offers high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows around the entire building perimeter. The design includes an open concept office to accommodate 10 full‐time equivalent occupants (highlighted area on the floor plan provided), which features open showroom space, collaborative/breakout seating, meeting rooms and small kitchen area.

A healthy and productive work place is promoted by maximizing views to the exterior, limiting use of products with high‐VOCs, and increasing occupant controllability of systems for lighting, temperature and ventilation. The design is also environmentally responsible by implementing recycled/local content materials and resources, and energy efficiency through the selected mechanical and electrical equipment.

Location Toronto, ON
Size 10,750 square feet
cost N/A - existing space
status Completed 2017
certification WELL v1 for Interiors Silver


  • WELL Consulting


Owner Teknion