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Ignacio Furniés Martínez



Ignacio has over ten years of sustainability consultant experience specializing in high performance building analysis, daylight, life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), with the goal of designing Net Zero sustainable buildings, committed to improve and highlight energy performance and low environmental impact on the built environment, to contribute to minimize climate change.


Ignacio began as a consultant, trainer and researcher "Generative tools for bioclimatic architecture" with the DesignBuilder and Grasshopper software in the sustainability department, Barcelona (Spain). Later he moved to Mexico to work as a sustainability consultant performing building energy simulations, preparing LEED documentation and assisting with commissioning where he participated in all kinds of projects such as Airports, schools, offices, residential, hotels, commercial, Healthcare and industrial throughout the United States, as well as Spain, England, German, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. Ignacio won the Lowdown showdown competition at ASHRAE energy modeling conference 2015 Atlanta for "Best innovative workflow" with the Designbuilder team, for the design of a Net Zero building. Prior to joining Ecoworks, Ignacio worked as a building performance analyst and LEED reviewer at a sustainable consultancy based in the United States. During this time, he had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of clients from different countries across the globe.

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