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Megan Gonzales



Megan joined Ecoworks Studio in November 2021 with over 15 years of experience in the design and sustainability profession. She manages WELL and SITES certification projects, using her expertise as a landscape architect and technical insight of multiple certification programs. Currently, she oversees a mix of educational, commercial office, and lab space projects seeking certification. Guided by an interest in sustainability, wellness, and education, Megan also worked as a volunteer to complete a site assessment and design for outdoor education opportunities for a local elementary school in 2021. 


Prior to joining Ecoworks, Megan founded a company that develops custom adaptive management guidebooks for residential landscapes based on the principles of the SITES program and current horticultural practices. She also worked with GBCI during the launch of the SITES program, published articles to educate SITES project teams, presented the SITES programs at multiple events, and developed the SITES AP exam. Megan has also managed several grant-funded trail and watershed projects, worked with complex groups of stakeholders, and facilitated public information workshops for proposed designs.