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Allison Cunningham 



Allison Cunningham has always had a passion for the environment. As a fifth grader, she tried mightily to start a community compost project in her small Indiana hometown. Much to her dismay the community compost project never came to be; however, she has been considerably more successful with her environmental endeavors in the years since. As a professional consultant, Allison’s technical aptitude, collaborative nature, and commitment to going above and beyond are key attributes that have allowed her to expertly guide over 30 projects to certification spanning a variety of LEED, WELL and other related environmental systems. She has a demonstrated talent for and excites at the opportunity to certify highly complex and atypical project types such as large hospitality projects, zoo facilities, professional sports facilities, and data centers.


She is a leader in the industry, at Ecoworks, and within her community and holds a variety of roles inside the organization and the community at-large. In 2019, Allison was inducted by USGBC and GBCI as a LEED Fellow. At the national level she contributed to the writing and technical development of the LEED v4 Reference Guide, served on the LEED User Group: Hospitality and Venues, and was an invited Subject Matter Expert reviewer for the Greenbuild 2019 Health and Well-being sessions.


Locally, Allison currently serves on the Market Leadership and Advisory Board for the USGBC Georgia Chapter and is a former 2019 Greenbuild Host Committee Chair, executive board member, and Chair of the Atlanta Branch Outreach Committee. In these roles she aides in organizing volunteer opportunities and events to promote sustainability and education in the Atlanta community. In 2016, Allison received the U.S. Green Building Council’s Legendary Leader award, in recognition of her commitment and service to the organization.

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