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CDC Roybal East
Parking Deck

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sustainability Certifications: 

  • Parksmart  

The CDC's Roybal East Parking Deck is a new parking structure built as part of the campus’ master plan.  Architecturally, it has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of the campus’ existing architecture and that of the adjacent to Emory University and Healthcare campuses.  

It has 1,803 parking spaces – including reserved spaces for fleet, rideshare, and electric vehicles – and has infrastructure incorporated for better campus access for cyclists, pedestrians, or those taking public transportation.  The top level of the parking deck has a solar canopy that offsets over 100% of the energy consumed by the structure and contributes to the reduction of the structure’s heat island impact.  The structure’s energy consumption is reduced through the utilization of energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems and 100% LED lighting. 

 Potable water consumption is also reduced by using water efficient plumbing fixtures and the collection of use of rain and storm water in the structure’s 26,650-gallon cistern that is then utilized for pressure washing of the structure and irrigation.

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