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Clemson University Football Operations
Clemson, South Carolina, USA


237,641 square feet


LEED BD+C: New Construction Silver


  • LEED Consulting 


Clemson University’s Allen N. Reeves Football Complex is a 237,641 square foot state-of-the art athletic facility. Designed to maximize the day-to-day activities of players, coaches and staff, this project has been a model for athletic programs nationwide to improve their own facilities. From the beginning of this project, “Best is the Standard” was both the motto for the football program and project teams. This resulted in a Silver Certification under the LEED for New Construction v2009 Green Building Rating System. The project overcame multiple challenges, including incorporating an existing building into the design. Because the indoor practice facility had been recently updated, the University chose to tie this component into the new complex rather than demolishing it. 


By updating the mechanical equipment and retrofitting the lamps, the overall project was able to achieve a 26.37% energy use reduction from the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline. This incorporation also allowed for 99.78% of the practice facility's existing structural elements to be reused. This minimized demolition waste and allowed DPR’s project team to divert 86.39% of the project's waste from landfill. Clemson University took diversion one step further and tied the project into their overall campus solid waste management program. This strategy, along with Green Building Education and the building’s health and wellness elements, allowed the project to highlight these accomplishments. Due to the area's history of drought, water conservation within the building and non-sports landscaping was of utmost importance to project. Therefore, water-efficient plumbing fixtures were utilized, resulting in an indoor potable water consumption reduction of 39.55% from the EPAct 1992 baseline.


 Additionally, the project was built with health and wellness as an integral part. Before you enter the facility, you will see many of these components, including the outdoor practice fields and outdoor amenities village.


As part of the project’s LEED Certification strategy, the WELL v1 Feature 66: Structured Fitness Elements was achieved as an innovation credit and highlights the following initiatives in place:

• Fitness Programs including cardio/agility, strength, and flexibility/injury prevention.

• Fitness Education that is individualized based upon an occupant’s current health and fitness level to achieve their overall health and wellness goals.

• Customized nutrition plans that are done by biometrics and input from an on-site, registered dietician.

• Access to the outdoors.

• Recovery areas and third-party sleep support. By providing this support on-site, it allows the players and staff spread this knowledge and these messages to their community and fans.

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