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CookFox Architects 
New York City, NY, USA





  • LEED ID+C Gold 



  • Performance Verification Testing 

COOKFOX Architects is dedicated to integrated, environmentally responsive architecture that fosters occupant health. The firm’s new 57th Street studio is Located on the 17th floor of the historic Fisk Tire building in Manhattan. Chosen to explore the next generation of workplace, the high performance studio connects three planted terraces, an expression of our mission to connect people to nature within the built environment. 

Upon entry through a long gallery hall, the intimate space of the reception area gives way on either side, creating a transition to an east and west axis anchored by garden views framed at each end of the studio. The green spaces incorporate a landscape of sedums, grasses and soil transplanted from the former studio, honoring nearly a decade of care and stewardship of the former rooftop garden by COOKFOX staff. On the east terrace, an urban garden provides studio members with supplemental vegetables throughout the summer, while bee hives offer honey and a home for pollinators. The west terrace incorporates an outdoor meeting room and breakout spaces, offering the opportunity to work and socialize surrounded by nature. 

Visual and physical connections with the nature patterns of the terraces extend into the studio space in the use of natural materials and textures which stimulate the same positive biological responses that improve wellness. High-quality air filtration, fresh air delivery, CO2 monitoring and use of low-VOC materials, as well as the studio’s natural cleaning program, ensures the best possible indoor air quality, free of toxins and allergens. Additionally, zoned air conditioning may be individually tempered according to occupant needs using the HVAC systems management app Comfy. The lighting system prioritizes daylighting and minimizes the blue light spectrum to support healthy circadian rhythms. To inspire healthy lifestyles, a commuter’s shower encourages biking, running and walking to work. A secondary kitchen off the east terrace is designed to encourage healthy eating, and includes spaces for communal dining to foster creative social engagement. The studio is certified both LEED Platinum and WELL Gold.

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