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Micah McLain


Micah has a consulting and marketing background with a passion for empowering others through new ways of thinking. He studied Industrial Design at Georgia Tech and is a longtime proponent of human-centered design and lean prototyping. After working in advertising, Micah returned to Georgia Tech to earn an MBA in Sustainable Business and serve in various leadership and service-oriented roles in the Evening MBA program. During and after his MBA studies, Micah consulted for companies focused on their triple bottom line (social, environmental, and economic), leading sustainability and philanthropy-focused projects for organizations like Coca-Cola, United Way of Greater Atlanta, and Atlanta Bread Company.


While at Heifer International, he increased the use of disruptive innovation in Heifer projects worldwide while building a replicable model to increase the speed of prototyping and collaboration alongside small-holder farmers in the field. Specific projects include a real-time communication portal to connect donors with Heifer staff and farmers in Malawi, a crowd-funding platform that accepts a variety of digital currencies and provides custom project updates, pilot projects to pay farmers for the amount of carbon they sequester through their use of climate-smart agricultural practices, and experimental marketing campaigns to allow Heifer to speak to some of the more controversial topics in national media.


Outside work, he enjoys volunteering for local organizations like the Trauma Intervention Program, trail running, playing soccer, and attending concerts.

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