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Rachel Steffen


LEED AP BD+C, AP Homes, Green Rater, GGEP

Rachel Steffen has always had a passion for the environment. Her childhood dream was to be a naturalist like her grandfather and traveling the National Parks nationwide with her grandparents gave her a special appreciation for the outdoors. Throughout her education, she came to realize that what she knew and loved was directly being affected by climate change and became actively involved in sustainability. In 2019, she landed in the Design and Construction industry, one of the largest contributors to climate change.


Rachel joined the Ecoworks Studio team in 2022 with diverse Green Building experience. She has worked in both Green Globes and LEED programs with numerous rating systems between the two. She enjoys finding sustainable materials for projects and working with all types of teams and professionals.


In her spare time, Rachel enjoys sports such as CrossFit and powerlifting, hiking and camping with her dogs, and relaxing on her porch with a cup of coffee.

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