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UCB Warehouse
Smyrna, Georgia, USA 


65,798 square feet 


  •    WELL Platinum Certification

  •    LEED Gold Certification 

  • LEED Consulting

  • WELL Consulting

  • Performance Verification Testing 

UCB, a Belgian-based biopharmaceutical company with U.S. operations in Atlanta, GA, understands the challenges that are facing the world right now—from climate change to rising inequalities. UCB has embraced “Sustainability as a  business approach” that drives the choices the company makes that directly affect the patients they serve, the communities where they live and work and our planet.


Driven by UCB’s commitment to human and environmental health UCB pursued and achieved LEED Gold and WELL Platinum Certifications—the first pharmaceutical company in the world to do so.   


As part of their “Health of the Planet” strategy, UCB has set goals to minimizie their carbon footprint, water consumption and waste production across the company.  With a commitment to these goals in conjunction with achieving LEED Certification, their Warehouse building houses a 223-kWh photovoltaic array for supplemental power generation located on the roof. The system is offsetting approximately 20% of the buildings’ anticipated total annual energy use. UCB continues to reduce emissions outside of the warehouse as well. Their vehicle fleet has moved to all electric vehicles and vehicle charging infrastructure has been installed on campus and at the Warehouse building. Twenty-five (25) electric vehicle charging stations have been provided in the lower-level parking garage.


Additionally, two 8000-gallon cisterns have been installed to capture rainwater for landscape irrigation serving both the Warehouse project site and elsewhere on campus. This is sufficient to serve 100% of the annual irrigation needs for the landscape served by this system. The company’s water withdrawal decreased by 30% in 2020 (compared to 2015).


As one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the world to achieve WELL v2 Platinum Certification, UCB is pioneering workplace wellness through facility design and implementing features that focus on the health and wellbeing of its occupants.  The design of the Warehouse space prioritizes physical comfort through ergonomics, as well as comfort with respect to temperature, and sound to generate a productive, inspiring, and enjoyable environment for employees and visitors.


UCB promotes physical activity and exercise by providing occupants with direct access to surrounding walking paths with views of greenspace and the central campus lake. They also support nourishing and sustainable eating by increasing access to fruits and vegetables while providing dedicated eating spaces that encourage mindful eating behaviors and support communal dining opportunities.   


Sustainability will always be the driving force behind UCB’s determination to make a positive impact on society and the environment-- directly impacting their long-term success.

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